6 Southwark Street, London, SE1 1TQ
Chef Tim Siadatan
October 2016

Padella (meaning pan in Italian) styles itself as a truly authentic Italian pasta bar that has been transported into London. It is extremely popular, doubly so now that it has been awarded a Michelin star, so expect long queues. The focus of the menu is on fresh seasonal ingredients and, as you would expect, fresh pasta.

Even though we tried to get there early, arriving at 5.15pm, we didn’t beat the queue and dutifully waited our 30 minutes. We did, however, manage to nab some front row seats at the pasta bar and see all the chefs in action. The whole team showed a consistent attention to detail and passion whenever they prepared something, which really showed through in the food. Unfortunately, there were some cracks, most noticeably in overcooked pasta, that detracted from the experience.

Food: 7 / 10

Salame “Lovison”
The salami had a very high fat to meat ratio that would be off-putting to some, and a dearth of flavour. Even with some seasoning this remains an average plate.

Radicchio, watercress and rocket salad
The salad was mostly radicchio with its bitterness being offset by a well-made vinaigrette. There was a good attention to detail that lifted this dish. The ingredients were fresh, the seasoning well done, and the balance was perfect.

Tagliatelle with nduja, mascarpone and parsley
A well-balanced combination, though not for the sensitive of tongue. The only downside was that the pasta had been overcooked and only had a little bite left.

Pappardelle with 8-hour Dexter beef shin ragu
Wow, what a sauce! A true carnivore’s dream and the star of the show! The sauce has only one principal flavour; a deep, rich, spine-tingling good meatiness. It was so good that I didn’t even care that the pasta wasn’t al dente.

Service: 7 / 10

The service was a tad frenetic with how busy the restaurant was, however all the staff with who we interacted were friendly, polite and efficient.

Price point: Cheaper than the high street

Even if one is hungry and, say, share three plates of pasta between two, one is still going to come in at around £10 per head. Given how delicious the menu is this is a complete steal.

In conclusion: The attention to detail that is visibly shown by the kitchen and the strength of the sauces are a confirmation of why Padella deserves its Michelin star. It’s an easy recommendation, however I would wait till the post-Michelin frenzy had calmed down, when the queues will be shorter and the kitchen will (hopefully) not overcook the pasta.

Salami “Lovison”
Radicchio, watercress & rocket salad
Tagliatelle with nduja, mascarpone and parsley
Beautiful fresh pasta #carbs
Pappardelle with beef shin ragu

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