Top 5: Lunchtime Markets

In London, one’s tastebuds can travel from America to Zimbabwe with the vast array of street food on offer. Whilst the markets in Borough, Camden and on Leather Lane are the most famous (and definitely worth a mention), we round up our favourites for those who need to liven up their weekday lunchtime:

Petticoat Lane
Middlesex St, London E1 7JF
Located furthest east out of our recommended markets (and convenient for all the city workers) is old Petticoat Lane Market. Historically known for selling discount fashion, there is a small food section tucked just round the corner from all the clothes stalls (follow the aromas, a la Bisto gravy children!) All the expected and exotic lunchtime fare is on offer – including falafel, Thai, and Indian. The standout, though, is the chicken satay wrap, which is ridiculously tasty and good value for money.

chicken satay
Make sure to head for the chicken satay wrap on Petticoat Lane Market

Whitecross Street
Whitecross St, London EC1Y
From the Barbican Waitrose by Golden Lane Estate, all the way up to Old Street, Whitecross market has a wide selection of international cuisines, guaranteeing something for everyone. There is a bit of a spread in quality and sometimes the queues can be misleading. The pies, pad Thai, chicken tikka wrap, and – if you don’t mind the wait – the fresh flatbread Turkish wrap are all delicious. (Check out all the amazing street art while you’re there too!)

whitecross st.jpg
Whitecross Street is always buzzing – head early to avoid the queues

Exmouth Market
Exmouth Market, London EC1R
Nestled equidistant between the King’s Cross, Angel & Farringdon stations triangle this market is aptly located for many office workers in the city. Whilst the (week)daily market provides the expected selection of burritos, curries and other international lunch cuisine, its permanent businesses are not to be overlooked, including the likes of Bulleats favourites Caravan, Santore and Moro.

exmouth market.jpg
Set in leafy Finsbury, Exmouth Market is adjacent to a spacious park to enjoy your fine street cuisine

Bloomsbury Farmers’ Market
Torrington Square, London WC1E 7JL
Every Thursday, the Bloomsbury Farmers’ Market delivers a more eclectic mix than its city compatriots, but it is a touch pricier because of this. One needs to be a bit more careful when choosing, as some of the stalls are downright awful (for example anywhere selling pies). The fresh pizza, pasta and dosa wraps, however, are definite reasons for making this your lunchtime destination.

bloomsbury market.jpg
Pizza and pasta, yes; pies, no.

American International Church Market
Tottenham Court Road London W1T 4TD
Clustered around the American International Church are a smattering of stalls; the best of which are around the side. The vegan sushi and fusion tacos are phenomenal, and for the carnivores there are three different BBQ styles on offer; English, Peruvian and Argentinian, all of which are worth a try.

whitecross st moroccan
Small but worth it – make the effort to go to the AmChurch stalls


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