The Summerhouse

The Summerhouse
60 Blomfield Rd, London W9 2PA
July 2016

The Summerhouse is a beautiful and romantic seafood restaurant in Little Venice. We snuck in for a late Saturday lunch to find the place still buzzing and almost full to capacity. Luckily they could seat us at one of the high tables next to the kitchen, where we were provided with a front row seat to the action. With all the gorgeous aromas and good food around us, our appetites were well and truly whetted by the time our dishes arrived; whole Brixham lemon sole and grilled tuna steak. Lunch was tasty and on the money price-wise – would definitely go back again.

The details:

Drink: 7 / 10

We opted to go non-alcoholic with a jug of the ‘Fresh and Fruity Collins’ mocktail. Refreshing, which was sorely needed in the 30° heat, and, given the mix of lime strawberry and pineapple, reminiscent of Opal Fruits. This was brilliant value for money, as we got at least six glasses out of it.

Food: 7 / 10

Whole Brixham lemon sole, seaweed butter sauce, jersey royals & samphire
       I ordered it expecting a taste of the sea; the dish delivered. The constituents were well-balanced, complementing but not distracting each other. The sauce somehow was both light and buttery, providing a fantastic base to show off the rest of the dish. If I really had to find something wrong then there would be two niggles; the lemon sole was close to being overcooked and a bit more samphire would have gone a long way. Minor potential improvements on an otherwise hugely satisfying dish.

Grilled tuna steak on a bed of rocket, tomatoes, red onion and pesto (the day’s special)
       My favourite of the two dishes – classic and simple – delivering on the quality of ingredients to ensure memorability. The highlight was the tuna, which, on top of being perfectly seasoned and cooked, had kept most of its juices – providing an exquisite double-dressing for the salad.

Service: 5 / 10

The service did not get off to a good start, it must be said. Our request for some much-needed water upon arrival was instantly forgotten, then we were left waiting at least fifteen minutes to place our orders, when we were obviously ready. Fortunately, the level of attentiveness did pick up once we were served our drinks.

Price point: Not cheap, but spot on for what you get.

In conclusion: With its delightful canalside setting, The Summerhouse makes for an ideal romantic venue. Definitely worth checking out if one is in the area (date or no date).

Summerhouse mocktail
Summerhouse shakers
Apt salt and pepper shakers
Summerhouse sole
Whole Brixham lemon sole
Summerhouse tuna
Grilled tuna steak (special)
Summerhouse tuna 2
Grilled tuna steak


Summerhouse interior
Buzzing atmosphere
Summerhouse kitchen
Front row seat to the action

Summerhouse kitchen 2

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